Watercolor Painting For Beginners I Techniques & Effects


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What you’ll learn

  • Use water as a tool, not just to mix your paints or rinse your brushes with
  • Learn the difference between Wet on Dry and Wet on Wet painting
  • Learn my 4 new Wet on Wet techniques that you can look forward to
  • Learn my 4 Phases of Wetness will teach you how to intuitively know to keep on painting or when to stop
  • Learn how to control your water and let go of that control to let the water paint the painting with you

“If you are looking for an engaging, fun and informative course, I would highly encourage you to sign up for this one! Broderick’s teaching style is engaging, easy to follow and fun! I began painting in April 2020 after enrolling in a mixed media course on Udemy and fell in love with watercolors and inks. Since then, I’ve participated in several in-person workshops and other online classes/academies, and recently decided to give Udemy another go for watercolor painting. I found Broderick’s Watercolor for Beginner’s class and after watching the intro video I was hooked! About halfway through the beginner’s course, I found this Next Level course and immediately enrolled. Both have been phenomenal and I am really enjoying his teaching and artistic style”  – Tiffany White

Do you want to take your painting to the next level?

The secret ingredient to improving the way you paint is…

…MORE water!

Did you know that the same water you use to mix your paints with can be used as another tool in your watercolor toolbox?

Using more water when your paint, can give your work a more organic look, with very little effort.

You just need to set up the right conditions then, let the water do what it wants, and I’m here to show you how!


Hey there! Broderick here and I paint in watercolor professionally,

from simple character designs, to realism, to fun art, even fine art pieces hanging in Museums in Europe.

  • I’ve been a featured artist for a major art supply chain (Youtube: “urban sketching broderick wong”)

  • Social media loves my quirky watercolor pet portraits (Google: “vancouver is awesome broderick wong”)

  • Placed first in live watercolor painting competitions (2016 Harmony Festival Plein Air Champion ; 2018 Grand Prix Plein Air Masters Division Champion)

  • The Fabriano InAcquarello 2020, an international watercolor painting conference hosted in Italy,

    invited me to do an online painting demonstration as an international artist. (Google: “inarte fabriano 2020 brod wong”)

  • I’m also the creator of Watercolors for beginners here on Udemy, a best seller course taken by over 9,000 people with over 400 reviews.

Now I’m excited to show you how to take your watercolors and rise to the next level!


When I felt I knew enough, I wanted to paint everything, from landscapes to animals, to portraits and urban scenes, but I quickly realized that every step I took forward, I took 4 steps back. It was such a strange, unusual experience which made me rethink how I had been painting.

I ruined many watercolor paintings trying to paint in a different style. I experienced many happy accidents, but didn’t know how to recreate them successfully. I persevered and took a handful of workshops and, over a brief period, I realized that there are levels to watercolors!

Fast forward to today, if I could have kick-started a path to success for myself to follow, to learn watercolor painting quicker without making so many mistakes, what would that look like? Through my experience in teaching myself and others, I have found the one thing that unlocks the full potential of watercolors and it is with this awareness that I present to you:

Watercolor Painting: Next Level Techniques and Water Effects

“I really enjoyed the beginners course, and this one just takes off where the other left off. Already in the very first lesson I am learning something. I really enjoy this instructor’s courses, its fun and informative, and would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in painting with watercolors.” – Schantel Fick



If you’re comfortable with the basic rules of watercolor, then you’re going to have fun breaking these rules

and have the confidence to produce different effects that can’t be achieved knowing the basics alone.




There are lots of materials that some would use, from salts to soaps, stamps to cellophane, from wax to markers, to metallic paints and colored pencils. While they can be used to produce different effects they can:

  • Be quite costly to buy

  • Affect the longevity of your painting

  • Take up so much space on your table

  • May compromise your development of proper technique and application


If I showed you an easier way to achieve more with less, using only water, does that sound good?

You will learn special applications I developed that will help you control your water, then let go of that control, allowing the water to paint the painting with you. This gives your painting that fresh, fluid, “just painted” look even long after its dried. Using no extraneous materials, only water.

My Watercolor Painting: Next Level Techniques and Water Effects course is all about painting Wet On Wet. What is Wet On Wet? Have a look at one the free preview videos to get a better idea of how to put the W.O.W. (Wet On Wet) in your paintings!

  • You will learn the difference between Wet on Dry and W.O.W. painting

  • There will be 4 new W.O.W. techniques, that you can look forward to, allowing you to control your water and let go of that control, to let the water paint the painting with you

  • My 4 Phases of Wetness will teach you how to intuitively know to keep on painting or when to stop

  • This course includes everything that I teach in my live Wet On Wet workshops, ($260 total value)

  • Additional, bonus paint along videos to get more practice after the course


If you’ve taken different classes before but still have a hard time controlling watercolor or painting loose, my Watercolor Painting: Next Level Techniques and Water Effects course can help:


My live watercolor painting workshops have given me the opportunity to target and isolate very specific challenges about the painting process,

from a learner’s point of view, and then break them down into short laser-focused lessons.

I found that these challenges are multi-layered and overlapping,

making it difficult to know where to begin.

This is why you may feel you’re taking 1 step forward and 4 steps back.

My Watercolor Painting: Next Level Techniques and Water Effects course peels away those layers,

then simplifies them into short focused lessons,

allowing you to learn only what you need to know at that time, to get you to the next level.

Succeeding lessons will have their own short, focused sessions that gradually build on top of the previous.


● I’ve distilled traditional art theory & practice into their fundamental essence

● I use easy to understand language (aka no artsy fartsy terminologies)

● I thoughtfully produce my material and content: Straight to the point. No extra fluff.


The way information is presented, oddly enough, has an enormous impact on what you learn,

how fast you learn and how you apply it. (Sometimes whether you learn at all!)

I designed this course to build new information on top of what you already know. Think Lego.

● New lessons introduce new techniques & reinforce what you learned in previous lessons

● Lessons include carefully designed activities to match the skill level

● Lessons are concise but packed with only relevant information

“I’m glad I took this course. I’ve been frustrated trying to learn watercolors on my own. But because of this, I become even more excited with this medium. Thanks!” – Riamarie San Jose


Knowing differs from understanding.

Random tips and tricks are good for 1-time activities,

but have you tried painting something else after

and felt like it sent you straight back to kindergarten?

I’ve been there before. (A few times actually. Sigh.)

You need a stronger foundation to fall back on.

Understanding what you’re doing with your watercolor will take you much further.

● Too much control = Overworked, muddy paintings

● Too much spontaneity = One big-happy-accident-type-of-paintings

● Controlled spontaneity = Fresh, glowing, transparent paintings


“I need to tidy up my work space”

“Those plants look like they need a little drink today”

“The cat needs…another bath!”

The fear of uncertainty encourages procrastination.

What if I told you that all you need to do, is to just set up the right conditions and let the water paint it for you, would you give it a try?

“I’m not even halfway through the course, but I have learned so much already about CONTROLLING the water in wet on wet watercolor painting. Thank you, Broderick! You are a masterful teacher.” – Diana D


There’s painting for fun, and then there’s painting to learn while having fun.

The course videos are professionally produced to educate and entertain.

This balance ensures a variety of presentations, instruction, humor and pacing!

● Painting for fun = Just playing with paints, there is not much technique to take away.

● Painting to learn = Heavy on theory and drills.

● Painting to learn while having fun equips you with what you need to know, right away, so you can enjoy the watercolor painting process more.



I’m here to help you think like water.

The more you understand, the less uncertainty there is, the more excited you will be to paint.

You will first learn how to control your watercolor.

Then I’ll show you how to just let it do what it wants.

This is what I call, Controlled Spontaneity: A give and take between you and the watercolor.

You will learn how to use water, to do different wet on wet techniques, ones that are a far departure from beginner techniques.

“Yes: this has been a good match.T The instructor is very clear with instructions. The video work is exceptional!!” – Jason Poole

Q1: I don’t have strong drawing skills, should I take a drawing class first?

You don’t need to know how to draw.

Since the focus of the lessons are about painting and not drawing,

I will teach you a quick and easy way to sketch (that even kids can do!)

so you can start painting right away.

Q2: I had done so little watercolor painting before and I quit from frustration. “What makes your course different from others?”

My course is professionally produced:

● All videos are shot in high definition

● Over the head shots showing my entire set up

● Close-up shots for color mixing

● Clear and consistent audio/commentary

● Combination of energetic and relaxed pacing

● Casual conversations vs. formal lectures

● Receive the information in small segments. No over explaining.

● Animation/Visual Cues to let you know where I want you to focus on

● Fun activities with new challenges in each lesson to build up technique and application

This is not your typical, traditional course.

My live watercolor painting workshops have allowed me to refine the lessons into what they are today,

breaking down the watercolor process even more into its most essential concepts.

“I have taken a couple of Broderick’s past courses on Watercolor painting (beginner’s course on Udemy and another one via a different platform) and he is really a fantastic instructor. He exudes such high energy and is very enthusiastic that you can tell he is passionate about his art. This new course is as fun and educational as his previous ones. He takes the time to take his students step by step so you don’t ever get lost. He is clear in his explanations. His video taking is also not just static so we can see what he’s doing from different point of views and angles. He is also a very encouraging teacher and will assist offline if you have any questions. I’ve really been waiting to level up my Watercolor technique and I’m so excited to do this wet on wet method of painting with Broderick again.” – Soozee Ang

Q3: Things are quite busy with work/kids/life. What if I don’t finish the lesson?

These lessons are available anytime you need them, wherever you are in the world.

Learn at your own pace as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.


So, are you ready to level up instead of painting happy accidents?

Then enroll now! I can’t wait to help you put the W.O.W. In your paintings using only color & water!

“Hasta el momento ha sido puramente introductorio pero las explicaciones son claras y las demostraciones excelsas. ¡Estoy ansioso de comenzar a practicar!” Elliot Iñaky González Rodríguez

“Love watching your course B, I’m learning so much!! Wet on wet painting with watercolors has always been a mystery to me. My many unsuccessful attempts have left me wondering how artists consistently achieve these gorgeous, subtle, organic effects. He shares his method for painting these effects effortlessly and beautifully, step by step and makes it so much fun and memorable along the way. Sooo glad I will no longer be hoping for accidents that will go “right”. Now I have a much better understanding of how to create the paintings I want thanks to his easy to understand method and clear explanations. Love his scientific explanations and little stories about his subjects, he is so engaging! Thanks Broderick, for unveiling the magical mysteries of wet on wet painting!!” – Caroline

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Graduates

Course content

  • ACTIVITY 1: It’s ofFISHally Started!
  • ACTIVITY 2: Everything WHALE be ok!
  • ACTIVITY 3: Release the enDOLPHINS!
  • ACTIVITY 4: Let’s Get (ASTRO)physical!