Paint Realistic Watercolour and Botanicals – CHASING AUTUMN


Last updated on September 22, 2022 10:20 am


What you’ll learn

  • Practice putting what we’ve learned from ‘Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals – STUDIO BASICS’ into action
  • Understand the development of a simple idea or painting from start to completion
  • Identify suitable colour choices for a simple subject or element
  • Have a better sense of using basic watercolour techniques ~ washes, glazes, dry brushing, masking fluid
  • Understand how a botanical painting can be approached as a beginner
  • Feel more confident and strategic with the watercolour painting process

‘CHASING AUTUMN’ is a progressive watercolour painting course that has been specifically designed and developed to apply the skills, knowledge, concepts and practice exercises covered in ‘Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals – STUDIO BASICS’ into action. Autumn leaves are an ideal subject to start with on our painting journey, and a perfect subject to refine and develop your skills further if you come to this tutorial with some experience already. Offering simple outlines, shapes and form, an insanely beautiful and diverse palette to play with, and endless combinations and variations of colours and textures to play with, this is a topic that gives you plenty of room to move with techniques and colours and still achieve successful results. This course and subject is all about having fun with watercolour… but look out! You may just learn a lot too. 

‘CHASING AUTUMN’ explores a series of 7 gorgeous Autumn leaves, one leaf at a time. Each have been specifically selected and designed to focus on and develop precise target areas of watercolour techniques to a completed painting (or in this case paintings!) allowing us to understand the relevance of what we learned in STUDIO BASICS, and to get a firm hold on the focus points and techniques of each. 

With almost 4 hours of content in this watercolour painting tutorial, you can follow my start to end, comprehensive step by step instruction on each element as set out for you, or by exploring your own compositional ideas, you can personalise your work a little more in this tutorial too. Breaking the course into 7 separate subjects allows you to break the course up into bite size pieces, and gives you time to process and digest each one in your own time and place. Its a wonderful place to get started and to get learning! Im really excited to welcome you to this new tutorial ‘CHASING AUTUMN’ and I look forward to your company. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in watercolour painting
  • Anyone interested in Botanical Painting
  • This is an ideal starting point for the watercolour medium and Botanical Illustration
  • For the more experienced, this is an ideal place to refine your watercolour techniques and skills

Course content

  • CHASING AUTUMN – Paint Realistic Watercolour and Botanicals
  • Subject, Materials List and Worksheets
  • Leaf 1
  • Leaf 2
  • Leaf 3
  • Leaf 4
  • Leaf 5
  • Leaf 6
  • Leaf 7
  • Conclusion