Mastering drawing and coloring: Beginner to Pro


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What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals of hyperrealism/photorealism (perspective, color, shadows, highlights).
  • How to draw photorealistic drawings with the least colors possible.
  • You’ll use all the shades of the spectrum because each drawing will represent one color and its shades, so you’ll be familiar with all sorts of colors.
  • You’ll be able to draw different textures; each drawing represents a unique texture (glass, paper, fabric, metal, food, plastic and feather).
  • You’ll learn to apply 4 different techniques to create a shadow.
  • You’ll learn to apply 3 different techniques for coloring the subject.

Have you ever stumbled upon a photo and realised it is a drawing? Ever watched a time-lapse video of a photo-realistic drawing and wondered how it is possible to create those details? Do you want to learn the trendiest and the most leading art in the art market worldwide and be able to sell your work? Have you ever wanted to learn something extraordinary and unique but you never got around to fit it in your busy life schedule?  If the answer is “YES” to any of those questions, than this course is for YOU! If you learnt how to reach to this level of detail, there is no doubt you’ll go places!

This drawing course allows you the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.

What makes this course unique?

  • You will get an in depth understanding of the fundamentals of photorealistic drawing, step by step, starting from how to hold the pencil, until creating a 3D photorealistic drawing!

  • You’ll create 7 drawings from scratch. But why 7?

    Each drawing represents one color of the 7 colors of the rainbow from Red to Violet, so you will basically know how to color with every single shade.

  • Each drawing represents one unique texture so 7 different textures in detail (Paper, Feather, Plastic, Glass, Fabric, Food and Metal)

  • You’ll use the least colors possible in every drawing, and as you move forward to the next drawing, you’ll reach a higher level.

  • You’ll learn to apply 3 different techniques while coloring (Blending, Layering and Burnishing) and when to use each method.

  • You’ll learn to apply 4 different techniques with different tools to create a shadow and when to use each technique.

By the end of this course, you will know:

  • Blending techniques.

  • Highlight and shadows.

  • Color types.

  • Tips and tricks to master photo-realistic drawings.

  • How to draw a Yellow Feather (hair texture) from scratch.

  • How to draw a Blue Bird Origami (paper texture) from scratch.

  • How to draw a Red Ruby (glass texture) from scratch.

  • How to draw a Green Kiwi (food texture) from scratch.

  • How to draw an Indigo Dice (Plastic texture) from scratch.

  • How to draw a Violet Ribbon (Fabric texture) from scratch.

  • How to draw an Orange Star (Metal texture) from scratch.

What else will you get?

Direct contact with me, the course tutor.

A life-time access to the course content.

An access to closed Facebook group to share your amazing art and get to meet our super friendly and supportive art community online.

This is your chance to begin the journey of a lifetime; start learning today and explore your inner hidden talent!

Not sure if it’s a good idea? You can get your money back within 30 days!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone from complete beginners to experienced artists who want to take their drawing skills to the next level.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to draw photo-realistic drawings with colored pencils.
  • Anyone who wants to grow their basic drawing skill to the next level.
  • Anyone who is motivated and enthusiastic about art.

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals of hyperrealism (photo-realistic drawing)
  • Project 1: Feather (hair texture) / Yellow
  • Project 2: Origami (Paper texture) / Blue
  • Project 3: Dice (Plastic texture) / Indigo
  • Project 4: Kiwi (Food texture)/Green
  • Project 5: Ruby (Glass texture) / Red
  • Project 6: Ribbon (Fabric texture) / Purple
  • Project 7: Star (Metal texture) / Orange
  • Farewell