Impressionism – Paint this Italy Scene in Oil or Acrylic


Last updated on September 30, 2022 8:31 pm


What you’ll learn

  • Create an entire painting in one sitting
  • Understand Impressionism and why it is so powerful
  • Understand how light works to make things look the way they do, and how to translate that into your paintings
  • Understand the concepts of Drawing, Values, Color, and Edges
  • Learn the value of brushwork. So much can be said with so few brushstrokes.
  • Apply all of these concepts to let your own personal style develop

Impressionist painting with a focus on light. Bring a
luminous quality to your paintings you’ve never thought possible. Learn
how to build a painting in one sitting, “alla prima”, and how to savor
interesting brushwork. You will also learn the invaluable concepts of
drawing, value, color, and edges. Use these methods and knowledge to start your painting off right if you’re a total beginner, or to
take your painting style to the next level if you’re more experienced. You’ve never painted like
this before.

You can paint along with me
during this entire course. I even have a camera angle that shows my
palette as I’m mixing colors. You will learn crucial painting techniques
in the process of creating a beautiful painting. Or feel free to just
sit back and enjoy the show as I create a painting from scratch.

The reference photo I’m using is provided, as well as a materials
list. You’re free to use your own style of materials of course, but I’ll
list every single thing I use. I also provide a PDF flipbook showing
each stage of the painting, so you can flip through quickly and see how
the painting builds with each stage.

course is partial toward using oil paint, and I highly recommend it,
however you can use acrylics also. Many of the concepts I discuss in
this course apply to all mediums of art.

So take this course if you’re ready to improve your painting with
methods you’ve probably never seen before, and will have you thinking
about painting in a new way. For all levels of painters.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner painters who want to have good foundational skills from the start
  • Intermediate painters who want to learn more advanced techniques
  • Advanced painters who want to learn more about Impressionism, or to get fresh ideas and inspiration
  • Any painter who wants to watch a skilled painter in action, up close, and hear about every brushstroke, process, thought, and material
  • Anyone who enjoys watching someone create a beautiful painting from scratch

Course content

  • Welcome to “Impressionism – Painting With Light”
  • Preliminary Drawing Study
  • Underpainting
  • Opaque Painting
  • Wrapping Up