How to Sketch & Draw People and Figures – For Beginners


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What you’ll learn

  • Sketch and draw people and figures, from photo reference or real life
  • Finalize sketches using pen and ink techniques

Do you want to freely draw and sketch people?

Are you a beginner to drawing and sketching?

Do you want to improve your pen sketching skills?

If you said yes to ANY of the above – You came to the right place!

How to Sketch & Draw People and Figures

In my course you will learn how to easily sketch and draw people, using photo reference or real-life observation.

I will teach you my personal guidelines, that help me with drawing just about anything from observation, whether it be people and figures, landscapes, cityscapes, still life and more.

TONS of Demos

This course will be DEMO-PACKED. I want to show you as much as possible how I do what I do, and allow you to also learn how to replicate my results.

Inside you’ll find

  • Super-useful sketching and drawing advice.
  • A special method for drawing ANY figure in ANY scene, that ANYONE can learn immediately.
  • TONS of full, real-time narrated demonstrations.
  • How to finalize your sketches and give them life, vibrancy and a dynamic sense.
  • Perspective and how it works with people and figures.
  • Much more…

Let’s get started!

This course is suitable for just about anyone – beginner and intermediate.

If this is what you want to learn take action now and get started.

Drawing people is super-fun. Imagine all the great-looking figures you will be able to draw, in any situation or scene.

If you are ready – let’s get started! (:

– Liron

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to sketch and draw people and figures
  • Beginners to drawing and sketching
  • Anyone who wants to improve their general sketching and drawing technique
  • Anyone who wants to improve their pen sketching techniques

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Tools
  • Drawing and Sketching: General Tips
  • Basic Human Proportions
  • Let’s Sketch Some Tiny Figures!
  • The Carrots Method
  • Crosshatching
  • Let’s Sketch Some Outlines!
  • Let’s Sketch People Up Close
  • People in Perspective