How to Paint From Beginner to Master -Acrylic Painting-


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What you’ll learn

  • You’ll learn time honored painting techniques, combined with contemporary approaches I’ve adapted by masters like Peter Paul Rubens, Leonardo Da Vinci and William Adolphe Bougereau, as well as modern masters like Chuck Close and Gottfried Helenwein and lighting techniques developed by Rebrandt Van Rijn.
  • In my years of teaching, I’ve found that even college students either have gaps in knowledge, or bad habits that are holding them back. So this course starts at the ground and builds every student up from there, to make sure you have a solid foundation to grow from.
  • Lesson 1 is designed to familiarize you with the terminologies I’ll be using throughout the rest of the course and get you acquainted with the concept of a 5 and 10 value greyscale, cleaners and brush techniques-including what each brush is designed to do, how to hold them correctly, positioning and the specific motion to execute proper blending techniques.
  • You’ll learn the science behind different materials like acrylic mediums, what they do and how to use them correctly to make painting easier and your colors more vibrant!
  • Next, you’ll complete 2 unique exercises that I’ve designed to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are and to show me if you have any bad habits that need to be corrected. These exercises are also designed to begin teaching you the core fundamentals of acrylic painting. I’ve developed these exercises over years of teaching, to help me identify and coach you through fixing a bad habit as quickly and easily as possible, before moving on to more complex concepts and images.
  • You’ll do your first painting using the new techniques, based on a simple image that I’ll supply you.
  • You’ll learn an approach to doing a drawing specifically for a painting, an easy system to get your drawing right every time and I’ll walk you through drawing and painting it to photorealistic perfection!
  • You’ll learn how to do an underpainting and how to paint in layers, to achieve realism. I’ll teach you shading and blending techniques that will give you better gradients, every time!
  • You’ll paint a still life of an old chrome kettle from a hi res photograph I’ll supply you.
  • This lesson is designed to teach you how to handle textures, like metal, scratches, bright highlights and reflective surfaces, as well as atmosphere without the added factor of color. This will prepare you to handle more complex images that you’ll encounter in the next lessons.
  • You’ll learn visualization and simplification techniques that I’ve developed to make painting easy for anyone.
  • Next, I’ll teach you to use color in a painting and begin learning basic color theory concepts and compositions.
  • I’ll show you how to use a new kind of color mixing technique, that will make mixing any color imaginable easy- and make sure you never get muddy colors again!
  • You’ll learn the difference between chroma, color and values and how to control them, as well as how to manage a combination of colors on one palette.
  • Next, you’ll paint a still life of a grapefruit, based on a hi-res photograph I’ll supply you. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to compose complex color schemes in your paintings.
  • You’ll learn how to compartmentalize images to simplify them and make painting anything easier!
  • I’ll teach you how to manage a controlled color palette with over 5 color scales on it and insure that your paintings are always bright and vibrant!
  • Next, you’ll paint a portrait. You’ll learn a method to mixing a perfect skin tone, every time and the rules to portrait painting.
  • You’ll get an in-depth lesson on painting detail and how to easily add incredible detail to a painting without needing extreme patients.
  • I’ll show you tricks to painting eyes and hair.
  • I’ll explain techniques to draw a viewers attention to desired focal points in your paintings.
  • You’ll learn how to varnish a painting and give it a beautiful, glossy, finished look.

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Acrylic Painting From Beginner to Master is designed to teach anyone, from beginner to moderate skill levels, all of the fundamentals of acrylics you’ll ever need to create colorful, photo realistic paintings.

You’ll learn time honored painting techniques combined with contemporary approaches, delivered to you in guided lectures, carefully crafted and edited to match anyones pace perfectly! Including access to me 7 days a week for any questions or even coaching you need along the way!

We’ll do 6 paintings and projects together from start to finish, each one designed to teach you different aspects of painting, like textures, color mixing and theory, brush handling, painting in layers, using mediums, glazing and isolation coats, underpainting, painting with planes, mixing and painting skin tone, color compositions from still lives to portraiture, and painting detail.

You’ll watch me demonstrate every lesson, step by step, as I go into incredible detail of every aspect of creating a painting from start to finish. I’ll explain exactly how to use mediums, choose and handle brushes and mix every color, down to the percentage of paint. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to mix or match any color imaginable from it’s brightest vibrance to its most neutral tone!

I’ll show you various brush holding techniques and how to apply your brushstrokes to achieve photorealism and give your paintings the brilliance of a masterwork.

You’ll learn how to create luscious textures in your paintings, like chrome and glass, as well as natural textures like skin, hair or a fruit. And you’ll learn how to mix a vibrant, life-like skin tone based on old master techniques.

With the help of animations, I’ll go into in-depth explanations to help you learn more complex concepts like color theory and how to compose your own color compositions that don’t just work for paintings but every image you create in the future in any medium.

I’ll even show you how to light and photograph your subjects so you can create masterworks based on your own ideas in the future.

And by the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and understanding of acrylic painting to easily paint any subject your heart desires!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone from absolute beginners to experienced artists who want to learn or master a traditional painting technique.

Course content

  • Introduction