Abstract Techniques Revealed Vol. 1 Create Large Modern Art


Last updated on September 21, 2022 11:02 am



What you’ll learn

  • Paint a large, textured and colorful modern art piece.
  • Have the confidence you are looking for to create a contemporary painting without spending a fortune on tools and materials.

In this course we will be creating 2 colorful, large modern abstract paintings. I will show you step by step  how to add texture, line and form to a canvas and give you the confidence to paint loose and carefree without the worry of making mistakes. I share my secret techniques that took me over 20 years to perfect.

I will cover the usage of unconventional tools and materials to add interest and excitement to your masterpiece.

Without spending a fortune on art supplies, you’ll learn how to paint your own original modern abstract art on canvas and other substrates.

I discuss the paints and
brushes that I like to use and the different mediums to add texture and

I use mainly acrylic paint and sometimes oil paint to create these beautiful works of art.

If you are interested in creating abstract art, this course is for you.With multi-camera angles, you will grasp every brushstroke and every splatter. Even though I work fast, you can take your time, pause and rewind as often as you ‘d like and watch the course over and over again. This is not your average, boring art lesson.  Get ready to be amazed at your ability.

Who this course is for:

  • Art students or someone who always wanted learn abstract painting.
  • Intermediate painters who want to learn more advanced techniques in abstract art.
  • Those who want to try new ways to impress themselves and their friends and family.
  • Brave enthusiast who are not afraid to make “happy” mistakes.

Course content

  • Welcome t Abstract Techniques Revealed.