How drawing can become a life-changing hobby

Why drawing is important

We all love to draw. Even unconsciously. From the kindergarten art that revealed to our parents and teachers the wonders of our childish imagination. And schematic doodling that we do sometimes talking on the phone or brainstorming a new task at work.

Those drawings can tell a lot about us. They reveal our moods, fears, emotions, and sometimes even our medical condition. Drawing has a rich history of the application of psychotherapy. It is an efficient tool to diagnose diseases and help you overcome them.

Whether we are talking about pencil sketches, notebook doodles, or full-size paintings, drawing is not just a means of self-expression or a hobby. Apparently, drawing can become a powerful tool. It will help you develop and support certain skills. Also it can help overcome challenges and discover potentials you might have never suspected in yourself.

In this article, we have collected several most stunning scientifically proven ways of how drawing can change your life. How it can improve your health and even fight certain diseases.

Improving memory

While painting, drawing, or sketching, we sometimes manage to evoke our mind. We manage pulling out memories that might have seemed to slip into oblivion a long time ago. The images that occur in your mind while you imagine an object and try to put it on paper or canvas become a thread that may lead you deep into the endless world of your memory, completing visual images with sounds, smells, or names you might have forgotten long ago.

This principle is trendy in forensic science when drawing therapy helps victims of witnesses of the crime recollect a detailed image of the offender. The research was also performed with Alzheimers’s patients. Those of them who took part in drawing therapy classes showed a significant slowdown in the degradation of the hippocampus, the cerebellum, and the prefrontal cortex – parts of the brain responsible for long and short-term memory.

Reveal Hidden Emotions and Concerns

Drawing is one of the processes that mobilize our conscious and subconscious equally and simultaneously. In other words, while you knowingly wet a brush in paint, sharpen a pencil, and make a certain move to get the image in your head on paper, your choice of color, the character of swabs and shapes reveal emotions and thoughts you might have been suppressing in everyday life.

Researchers call this state of mind “The Alpha State” and find it most productive while working out hidden emotions and suppressed fears. This method is most effective while a person is experiencing a powerful psychosomatic effect. In this condition, you may not know what exactly causes your fear and anxiety. Alpha state reached through drawing helps reveal those emotions, memories, and fears and overcome them.

Developing emotional intelligence

Little children cannot express themselves fully through words. Drawing is the easiest way for them to share their emotions with grownups, express love, or demonstrate fears. That is why children draw so much, and it is so important to encourage and support them at this moment.

However, it does not mean that once we learn to talk and write, we can fully comprehend our own emotions and translate them to other people clearly. Emotional intelligence is a complicated matter and a crucial skill that we should develop throughout life. And drawing is the easiest way to explore and revise our most complicated emotions.

Why drawing is good for you

If you lack activities in your life due to medical, social, or other reasons, try drawing. Most associated with sitting or standing at one place, this activity is, in fact, encourages and develops numerous mobility functions.

While drawing, you have to change pencils or brushes, chose colors, and, most importantly, learn to control your moves to get certain lines and silhouettes on the canvas. Drawing develops fine motor skills that have benefits both for our brains and muscles.

According to some data, drawing appears to be pretty efficient while overcoming symptoms of arthritis and other chronic physical pains. It teaches our brain to redirect nerve signals into precise movement, which instantly distracts and replaces pain with a concentration on the task. 

Drawing is very efficient as physiotherapy for people who went through operations or experienced trauma on their shoulders, arms, and even spine. It activates the muscles, encourages blood circulation, and improves muscle memory.

Making you observant

Constant distractions are the ultimate curse of our time. They say that a modern person can hardly draw attention to one particular matter for more than 8 seconds. Lack of observation, inability to take a break and live in the moment or take a closer look leads to numerous emotional complications like stress and anxiety and poor quality of communications, social connections, and family bonds.

Drawing is an activity that will definitely require your full concentration and attention for much longer than 8 seconds. It is a great way to push the “pause” button in your life.

How drawing helps you think

Moreover, while drawing, you start to pay attention to various color shades, shapes, and lines and notice them in real life. Drawing is a popular activity during teambuilding activities in corporate cultures. Companies that encourage their employees to draw while brainstorming new projects or during breaks often report significant productivity and engagement. Moreover, employees who regularly take part in corporate drawing classes, exhibitions, or activities tend to take much fewer seek days, which positively affects the financial state of a business.

Drawing is an ultimately amazing activity that can change your life. It can help you become more confident, release the stress and overcome both psychological and physical challenges. It makes you a more observant person, a better listener, and develops patience. Those are significant qualities both for social and professional life.

Pick up a pencil right now and start exploring and enhancing your life through one of the most thrilling, mysterious and beneficial of all arts and hobbies.

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