Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils Review

Prismacolor Colored Pencils Review

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Are prismacolor pencils good

Whether you are an artist, graphic designer, or an amateur hobbyist, you have heard about Prismacolor. It might be the most famous brand in the art supplies industry.

 When it comes to art supplies, like colored pencils, the choice is always up to the artist. The choice depends on his preferences, style, and technique. However, if you go and ask anyone who has already had some significant hands-down experience with different brands of colored pencils, you will hear about Prismacolor a lot.

We decided to take a closer look at the brand. Their top product is colored pencil sets. Is their popularity just some kind of hype and a matter of habit among artists or are Prismacolor colored pencils really worth it.

And here is what we have to say.

The features and benefits of Prismacolor Colored pencils

You start noticing some apparent benefits and nice distinctive features of Prismacolor colored pencils set as soon as you take the box in your hands for the very first time.

The Case

The case reminds in a way those trendiest modern smartphones. It is thin, smooth, and pretty lightweight. Some of you may get concerned about its protective features. As we all know the pain and despair or opening a box of colored pencils after it fell on the floor and finding half of them with cracked or broken graphite.

But not with Prismacolor colored pencils! They come in a soft B-graded wax, which provides smooth shading and fathering and makes them practically unbreakable. So it is in this case. Prismacolor does not have to overload its cases with additional protective features and can spoil us with lightweight aesthetic packaging.

Wax and pigmentation of Prismacolor Colored Pencils

It is definitely the decisive feature for artists and a real struggle for the supplies manufacture. In most cases, the technology of manufacturing soft wax colored pencils (B-grade and higher) forces fabricator compromise on pigmentation.

As a result, you either get smooth coverage and shading or enjoy full and juicy colors. “You can’t always get what you want”, – said one of the greatest philosophers…Mick Jagger. Well, with Prismacolor colored pencils, you can! Hardly will you ever find another set of colored pencils that would provide you such effortless, elegant and sophisticated coverage even on large-scale drawings.

But wait, there is more…

Technique and artistic qualities

Prismacolor colored pencils provide you unlimited possibilities. Do you want to broaden your technique and upgrade the illustration with additional artistic features? No problem! You can thin the waxy pigment with solvent, so you can practically paint and spread it all over the surface. Indeed, Prismacolor colored pencils are among the most versatile art supplies product we have ever seen!


It is all about color, after all, right? Prismacolor colored pencils provide you with the smooth and solid color build-up for the most sophisticated and multidimensional illustrations.

Several flies in the ointment

Yes, nobody is perfect. This review would not be entirely honest if we didn’t point out several shortcomings of Prismacolor colored pencils:

  • Price – Prismacolor colored pencils are tangibly more expensive than most other brands, but let’s be fair – you definitely get what you pay for and even more.
  • Internal graphite cracks – though pretty soft and durable, they are still not invincible. Sometimes those pencils break internally without your knowledge. Those cracks become an unexpected nasty surprise in the middle of the work.
  • A common feature for all soft colored pencils – forget the electric pencil sharpener – they will simply ruin it.

Summary of Prismacolor Colored Pencils Review

Prismacolor colored pencils are examples of how the same art supplies can be perfect both for newbies and professional artists. On the one hand, they are easy and fun to work with, but at the same time, you can quickly induce them to provide the qualities of high-end implements. It is very easy to create a vibrant and bright drawing with Prismacolor Colored pencils even if you still lack training and not familiar with all the tips and tricks of colored pencil illustrating.  

All those features seem to righteously deserve Prismacolor Colored pencils their popularity among all kinds of artists.

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  1. To determine which sets we would test, we visited art shops to see which brands appeared repeatedly in trusted stores. We asked our experts for recommendations, and we looked at comparisons of colored-pencil sets on several blogs (including Color with Iris, eBay guides, and Ordinary Lovely ) to see what other testers had found. Finally, we researched customer reviews on the Amazon and Dick Blick websites, weeding out suspiciously positive reviews.

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