Coloring is a great hobby to spend time with

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Powerful way of relaxing

Coloring is a powerful way of relaxing your mind after a long week or day of work. Rather than being on the phone, watching television, I find a combination of soft music and coloring an effective way of recovering after work. I always like coloring animals, mandalas, and some of my drawings. It is a less demanding way of recovering positive energy. It always allows me to explore my abilities.

Coloring as a hobby is part of my life

It has been part of my life for a very long time. I can’t specifically mention what triggers my urge to color, but I have found coloring to be a good reliever of anxiety and stress. As I color, I often lose my restless mind, and as I continue, it induces a meditating state that enables me to overcome my anxiety. It generates mindfulness and quietness that allows my mind to get good relaxation after a long day of work.

Whenever I lose my concentration, colors enables me to refocus my attention since I always focus on producing the best art. Coloring also promotes the onset of sleep. Whenever I lose my urge to sleep, I opt to color rather than being on my phone. It makes me feel calm and relaxed; thus, I am always better positioned to rest after coloring.

Coloring evokes emotions

Coloring has also been my hobby, and I enjoy it so much. I always find it an excellent way to pass  time rather than spending time in a club or playing video games. I always find my art enticing; thus, I always have an urge to better arts.

Since I have done coloring for long, I have recognized coloring as a less embraced way of evoking emotions. Coloring yellow evokes happiness but at a times, it makes me anxious. The lighter yellow colors remind me of the sun; therefore gives me an urge to go basking. The green color reminds me of the beautiful green environment in my rural home. Coloring green more often gives me memories of my rural, the place I grew up. It gives me an urge to visit and spend time with my age mate and old friends.

The blue color gives me a sense of tranquility, improves my focus, makes me feel calm, serene, and peaceful. Orange makes me creative and motivates me to explore new arts. Coloring with orange color is fascinating, refreshing, and adventurous.

Purple and pink colors remind me of my little sister and girlfriend; They have a passion for these colors. The purple color makes me miss my little sister, and I always form images of her in her purple and pink clothes.

Imagination and creativity

Coloring also induces a lot of helpful imagination that has often contributed to my creativity and capacity to generate new outstanding arts. It gives me new ideas on how I can improve my skill. It makes me think about how different structures can Iook with different color shades. Coloring can be fascinating with different styles. At times i try some of the arts I imagine about; this has been the source of the most fantastic color works in my house.

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