Art in the workplace

Whether you have your own business or work for an employer, or work onsite in an office or at home, you must not neglect art in your workspace. We’ve narrowed down some quick tips on how to utilize art in your workplace.

Avoid clichés

Motivational posters with messages that include some kind of platitude or quote are so overdone and commonplace they’ve practically become a parody of themself. Some simple attractive art is much more relaxing and pleasing than some words on the wall that simply ends up becoming part of the background and gets easily ignored.

Match complementary colors, themes, and sizes

Don’t pick artwork that clashes in terms of colors or themes. Putting some modern art next to a very classical piece will make both look out of place and weird. You should avoid putting a very small piece on a big wall, and likewise try not to put a very large piece of artwork on a small wall. Also, consider the size of the workspace itself. If you have a small office it might not be a good idea to get artwork that is too large and dominating for the space. If you aren’t confident in your ability to match colors, then go with pieces that have mostly neutral colors like shades of black, white, grey, or tan, which tend to match anything.

Don’t clutter, and use space effectively

Use your wall space wisely. Don’t cluster up all your artwork on one wall while leaving another wall bare, it will lead to an imbalance in the space.

Express yourself

Our advice is a loose guide, not an unbreakable rule. Keep in mind that this is an opportunity to represent yourself in the place where you are supposed to be at your most productive, but also should be a place that you, ideally, can be relaxed. If you have some artwork that you really like but you think might conflict with the suggestions we’ve given, you should go with your gut and do what makes you happy, that’s what’s really important.

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